Since long I have a book queue (a topic for some other time) but now there's also one for languages I want to learn. So as soon as I saw a meetup for PLIBMTTBHGATY ("programming languages I've been meaning to try but haven't got around to yet") I didn't hesitate a bit.

It didn't fail the expectations: was very nice learning Rust (tough choice but more on that later) together with others. I was lucky to have someone already proficient in it nearby explaining the non-obvious moments. It's a pity I didn't have time to try something real, only got through the official tutorial and a bit of another.

Waiting for the next time! There are a lot of candidates - Elm, Agda and the likes (this time there was a person trying to do printf in Idris), even React.

It would be nice if after the end of the meetup someone from each table would summarise the interesting parts and rough edges they encountered. Would also help to either find the tutorial or a task beforehand or find someone already knowing the language to help. Going to prepare better the next time.