Transport cards

I have a little hobby - collecting transport cards from different places. Before it happened naturally, but now there are three helpful things that simplify things for a lot of people, but mean a hard time for my collection.

  • A card bought in any metro in Japan can be used in any other city. Same in Korea.
  • No one likes garbage, so one-time tickets are eaten by the validators at the end of the trip. Guangzhou has plastic tokens for that purpose - with RFID! They have to be touched on at the start of the trip and inserted in the end.
  • Lastly, paying by bank cards (London, Moscow). Ideal solution: there's no special card, but its function is performed.

Very convenient for everyone, but you have to actually collect the cards on purpose now...

P.S. One more convenience: selling special tourist cards in the airports. Fortunately, these are often not as useful as normal ones so can be safely ignored.